The Inquisitive Prince

The Changeling


Good Words to You

Three Holley Songs

Sweet is True Love

Songs (misc.)


The Inquisitive Prince (one-act chamber opera)

Instrumentation: (Singers) 2 Sopranos, Mezzo, Tenor & Baritone (Ensemble) fl/cl/bsn/trp/perc (1)/pn/vln/vla/vc

Duration: 35 minutes

Publisher: available through the Fleisher Collection

The Changeling (incidental music for play by Middleton & Rowley)

Instrumentation: fl/trbn/1 perc/hrp/gt

Duration: 60 minutes

Publisher: Silver Sun Press

Song cycles/ARIA

Good Words to You

Instrumentation: high voice, guitar

Duration: 18 minutes Text: John Ciardi

Publisher: Silver Sun Press

Three Holley Songs

Instrumentation: high voice, piano

Duration: 10 minutes Text: Margaret Holley

Publisher: Silver Sun Press

Sweet is True Love (aria from Songs of the King)

Instrumentation: soprano, english horn, string orchestra

Duration: 4 minutes Text: Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Publisher: available through the Fleisher Collection

SONGS (voice & piano)

Devotion (Frost)

Night Crow (Roethke)

Fie My Fum (Ginsberg)

O Do Not Love Too Long (Yeats)

Nothing Gold Can Stay (Frost)

Sweet Levinsky (Frost)

Epitaph on a Tyrant (Auden)

Here's to the Maiden

No Labor-Saving Machine(Whitman)

My Heart's in the Highlands(Burns)

Factory Windows Are Always Broken (Lindsay)

All In All (Tennyson)

Neither Out Far Nor In Deep(Frost)

There Is a Lady Sweet and Kind(Anon.)

A Farm Picture (Whitman)

Silver Sun Press